Monday, October 8, 2007

Development of new game started

While Narobiyu's release was just a couple of days back I'm already working on a new game with a more casual, less strict, but still challenging action-puzzle theme. It's just a concept and a few lines of code without a title yet. These informations are sure:

* Two really different game modes
* Uplifting, fun theme
* Difficulty varying from super-easy to really hard
* Level editor
* Small filesize
* No own music. It will play the mp3-s of your choice!


Patrick said...

For names, let me give you a hint: three syllables or less, make it catchy, something to do with the theme. Make sure its memorable, Narobiyu is hard to remember when you want to.

I'm going to write it up for you buddy!

Balázs said...

I'll remember that! :)