Thursday, September 27, 2007

Screenshots and Videos

Unfortunately this youtube video cannot give back the 60 fps smoothness and the wonderful colors of the game :) Still, you'll probalby get the idea.

Donate / Buy

However Narobiyu has no limiting and can be freely downloaded, it's not free. If you like it and play it please pay 7$ for it. You support my future games with this money. Also, you get the opportunity to submit highscores. After paying your chosen name will be listed in the "Hall of supporters". This can be like "Greg, Ruler of Worlds" :) You also get to paricipate in polls regarding my future projects modifying them a little to your favour. Click the button to use paypal! Don't forget to provide the email address you'll send highscore submissions from! Thank You Honest People!

Download Mirrors

Downloads are finally available! You can download Narobiyu from these mirrors:


How to play

Allright I'm going to write some instructions before I leave for a short holiday. So this "how to play" is only a temporary one, I'll finalize it later. Here We go. Grab your mouse and fire up the game! After loading you find yourself in the main menu. You only have three options:

1: Start Game - stars the game in normal mode.
2: Time Trial - Get the highest score in around 2 minutes 30 seconds
3: Website - Opens this site :)

You can also press F1 any time to get some useful information.
Other controls are:
ESC - pause the game
F12 - quit the game immediately
F4 - switch full screen mode
F9 - take a screenshot (they are stored in the same folder tha game is in. This is important when you want to submit highscores!)

Playing the game

Click on start game and get ready! Narobiyu is an action-puzzle game wich means you have to complete tasks in a given time. The in-game screen has a tetris like pit with cells coming up at the bottom. You'll have to deal with them. Move around your cursor with the mouse or with the arrow keys. Left mouse button or space is the action key. Right mouse button or Control or Alt fast forwards the game. Try to play with the mouse or change to keyboard if it's more comfortable. Playing with keyboard is more precise but may be slower and more exhausting to the hands. So.
There are these cells coming up. If they reach the top a warning appears and if the pile remains stuck game is over. That's about it. But how do you clear the cells? By creating groups! And then building rows of groups! This may sound confusing but it's really simple. See the gameplay video to get the point. Simply click on a cell, for example a yellow one and hold the button while dragging to another yellow cell. As soon as you touch another yellow cell a group is created and the cells you stepped through are all merged into one group. Now all you need is another yellow group just 1 step longer than the first one. And another :) If you have three groups of the same color they flash and a few seconds later they explode! That's really it. If you want to add some more cells to the game to speed things up just press and hold right mouse button. Don't add too many :)

There are some other things to know:

-You can create a group of any length as long as you don't have another of the same color.
-Once you have one you can only create a group one step longer of the same color.
-You don't have to finish a row! If you have created 2 yellow groups but can't find a way to make a third one simply start with another color.
-If you have a complete row (3 groups of the same color) you can add more groups to it making super big rows (generating super-high scores) Just be careful, add them before the row collapses. (the countdown starts over if you add a new group though)
-If you have a complete row and don't want to wait for it to explode simply click on it to destroy it instantly!


Finally some things to make your life easier. Here's the list of bonuses you'll encounter. The most important is stone destroy. If you happen to create a group with incorrect lentgh it turns into stone! Oh No! Stones are annoying because you can't do anything with them they just take the space. Clicking on one of these babies will destroy all of them! If there are no stones it'll just disappear. Other cool bonus is freeze which simply stops time fo a short period. You can do a lot of things with this, I'll leave the experimtenting to you. Probably the most powerful bonus is color destroy which can be used in two ways. Click on it. The cursor will change. Now if you click on a cell all the cells with the same color will be gone. You can click on an unfinished group too and then it destroys that. A very handy tool. The last and weakest bonus is the hollow which simply disappears when you click on it. If used wisely it can help you put some cells in the right place. I thought about making it move the whole row one step down, unfortunately only after the first release. Feel free to comment on that. Pff that seriously tested my english skills. Hope you'll be able to get some sense out of this tutorial.

Have fun playing Narobiyu and Good Luck!

Hall of Supporters

This section contains the names of all the honest people who payed for the game! Thank You! Also, only they can submit highscores. I hope it'll fill up after the release :)

High Scores

As even big game's highscores get allways compromised I decided to check the validity of every highscore submission. Here's how to submit your highscore: First you have to pay for the game, see DONATE / BUY section. When finishing a game you get to the game over screen and see the message "press F9 to make a screenshot of your highscore" Just press F9 and a screenshot will be generated in the same directory the game is installed. Send me this BMP along with your email address you provided during paying and I'll do the rest for you :) Please only submit score if you think you are in the top 100. So check out the scores first.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi! This is the website of the upcoming action-puzzle game Narobiyu. Release date is almost certain now, it's the 1st of October. The game will be available as a demo version and as a commercial version. Price will be 8 dollars. Feel free to comment!

-The author